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Univicion – Channel 17

Health and Fitness Correspondent for “Despierta San Diego.” The one-hour Spanish language morning news and entertainment program airs Monday through Friday in the San Diego County from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

Lizbeth Garcia, Pilates Master Trainer, segment is filmed live in studio every Thursday morning. Garcia’s 4 minute segments vary each providing viewers an “at home fitness program.” Segment topics include Pilates, strength training, flexibility, posture, couples stretch, couples abs, and more.


Telemundo – Channel 33

Health and Fitness Correspondent for “De Mananita 33.” The thirty-minute Spanish language show features local events and airs Monday through Friday throughout San Diego County and Northern Baja California, Mexico.

Lizbeth Garcia, Fitness Instructor, 4 minute segments are filmed “on location” including The Westin Horton Plaza, Frogs Club One, Eight Elements West, and East Wellness Village. Segment topics vary from Yoga, resist-a-band training, weight training, morning stretch, core conditioning and more.

Costar/Choreographer of ESPN 2 International Fitness Show
On The Ball
Pilates Workout

Killer Legs
Quick Fix
Pilates Workout
Harpers Bazaar
Bottom Line FItness Workout


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